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The idea of the Thanatharee was originated in 1999 by two great minds who were genuinely interested in bringing foreign visitors into closer contact with the local Thai people.

They took a rice barge, which was originally built in the late 40’s and converted it into a comfortable and delightful way of bringing enthusiastic minds into the river-studded rural heartland of Thailand.

Live-aboard facilities such as private air-conditioned cabins, bathrooms, and kitchen were fitted in keeping with our simple and environmentally-friendly concept.

Now over a decade, the Thanatharee has been carrying visitors through the same rice-growing plains to put them in touch with the ordinary people who live in Thailand’s rural heartland.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the day-to-day life of the farming and handicraft communities that dot the landscape; meeting the local people, the farmers, the artisans and school children and enjoying rewarding social interaction and cultural exchange.

These communities are rarely visited by foreigners and they welcome the chance to meet people from faraway places and the children just love to try out their English.

The local handicrafts always prove popular with visitors too and a little boost to the local economy is always welcome. So, when the Thanatharee makes a stop we make sure it is a rewarding and enriching experience for all with none of the negative effects that tourism can sometimes have on small communities.


"THE BEST INBOUND TOUR PROGRAMME" THAILAND TOURISM AWARDS. Soon after its first trips, Thanatharee Cruise was awarded “The Best Inbound Tour Programme” by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and has been continuing its excellences until now. Lots of modifications have been developed every year in order to maintain the highest quality of the trips. Our trips feature various aspects that give you an amazing opportunity to experience Thai ways of life. Many activities are included in the trip to make sure that you get maximum satisfaction and relaxation from the time you spend on board our cruise. Give it a try on our award-winning Riverine Discovery programme and many other interesting trips and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 

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